Cambodia Mission September 27-October 10, 2017

Pastor Vathanak Heang will join a mission team from St. Timothy UMC, Louisiana to Samrath village in Cambodia September 27-October 10, 2017. The primary task will be building a boys’ dormitory for high school students on the grounds of the local United Methodist Church. A nearby high school is the best in the area, but safe travel and lodging are not available for the many students throughout the region who desire to attend. Nearly ¾ of the Cambodian population is 35 or younger owing to war, famine, and disease. Most of the youth are first or second generation Christians. Some are still seekers. Education is highly prized in Cambodia and in true Wesleyan tradition, the Methodist Church is ministering to youth through schools and safe housing. In addition to the dormitories at Samrath, students are offered Bible study, Christian fellowship, and supplemental education courses. We will build a one-story dormitory with kitchen, bathrooms, study space, and bunk rooms to house 24 students. A second floor housing an additional 30 boys could be added later. The construction costs are estimated at $35,000 for the building and $10,000 for furnishings.No construction experience is necessary to join the team, as we will be partnering with local workers, although we welcome those who are experienced. The only requirements are a desire to share God’s love and a willing and cooperative attitude. Based on previous missions, we expect the individual team member costs to be approximately $3500. Travel PlansIn addition to our work in Samrath, we will begin and end our mission with visits to important historical sites in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. On Sundays, we will worship with local congregations. If you are interested in joining the mission, please contact Pastor Heang. You will need a passport and it cannot expire within six months of our journey.