Why Choose S.C.U.M.C. (By Joelina Verducci)

I have been attending SCUMC for close to threeyears now. It started when we moved to Santa Clara
and my husband and I were looking for a new church to attend. I had become disillusioned with a charismatic church I was previously attending. It had become too big, too impersonal and its church
politics were becoming disconcerting. My mother who was visiting us at the time after the birth of my son Ricci suggested looking for a Methodist church.You see, I was baptized, raised and confirmed Methodist, but found the charismatic churches to be more exciting and fun. Long story short, we hopped online, googled Methodist churches near me and surprisingly found a few with a 5-mile radius. Tony and I came to SCUMC one Sunday, asked then Pastor Oberg if she would baptize my four month-old son and she said yes. And on 4/20/2014, we had a nice baptismal service for Ricci here. Everyone was so friendly and kind here that even though I visited the other Methodist church on Winchester, I came back here again and again and again.What I love about SCUMC and Pastor Heang touched on this in several of his sermons, was the sense of family that I found here. People aren’t just being friendly and leaving immediately after service is done. They actually take the time to KNOW you. And it’s in all the little things they do that shows how
much they care. I am grateful for the many wonderful conversations that we get to have in Inman Hall after church. Maria and Jerry were so warm those first weeks and made us feel so
welcomed, the many hugs from Berta and Donna and lots of other people on Sundays, Barbara Shaw never forgets a birthday (even though I have moved like three times, she still tracks us down :)), Selma teaching me how to work my sewing machine, Emma and Estella showing me the grace in serving others, Julia’s creativity, Lisa’s many talents,
Ivanna’s Supermum powers and the many, many wonderful friendships that I am developing with everyone. Pastor Heang has a great way of integrating contemporary styles of delivering his insightful messages whiles maintain the essential Methodist traditions which speak to my heart -a call to worship based on building your relationship with God, your church and your community. SCUMC truly feels like a family that I have come to love. One that I can grow with, depend on and trust to be there for me when needed. And that is why I drive 40mins plus to come to church on Sunday! (For Ricci, it’s to see Philo. lol) Joelina Verducci