Lenten Devotional Study

Sunday Morning
Lenten Devotional Prayer Journey:
“Whispers of Hope”

**Please join me on a 40 day odyssey of prayer!**

“No greater priority exists for the believer
than knowing Christ
through the study of His Word
and the intimacy of prayer,”
says Beth Moore, the Author of :Whispers of Hope:
10 Weeks of devotional prayer.

We will also be blending in the introduction of
“Another Bead, Another Prayer”
By Kristen and Max Vincent

Protestant Prayer Beads!

We will be embarking on a journey this
Lent that will introduce us to
a new way of connecting with God.
Protestant prayer beads are
a prayer tool that can help you
experience God’s presence,
increase your focus and
comfort level in prayer,
and be still and feel God’s
love for you!

I have been making enough prayer beads for a class….
and I’m excited to share them with you this Lent!

(If you find that using them in prayer helps you,
then they are yours. If this form of prayer is not for you,
just give them back to me for the next prayer group class.)

Devotions include scripture,
bible reading, and devotional reading,
then prayer, and take-home daily devotions.
Hope to see you this Sunday!
Julia Borjeson

Class begins this Sunday!
March 5th @ 11:15am
Frey Room
Santa Clara United Methodist Church
1700 Lincoln St. @ Warburton
Santa Clara. Questions?
Call Julia!408-375-8554