Cooking Dinner at JW House

We Have a new outreach for our church. Cooking diner on the second Tuesday of each month at the JW House at Kaiser Hospital. You will be cooking for people who have loved ones in the Hospital. Those are people that have a serious illness or are about to Die.
There are 20-30 people that need be fed. There is a nice kitchen at the house. You can cook there or at home and bring it to the house. Your choice.
There are at least to volunteers at the house to help. They clean up afterward. That leaves just the cooking food and providing salad and desert.
I cooked for the house on Valentines Day. Julia helped. After eating a man came up to me and asked if I had cooked. I responded yes . His next statement was “you are blessed”. That is what outreach is all about, to be a blessing for someone. Please volunteer for this outreach. Be blessed and be a blessing…
Click here to got more information about JW House.
Bo Roberts