Why choose S.C.U.M.C? (By Cynthia)

The freshness of a childlike wonder celebrating the miracle of the Christmas birth of Jesus has not dimmed with the dawning of a New Year.  It is a comfort to rest in God as he continually interacts with his beloved children.  It is a Devine paradox, that I, the responsible adult, believing and fully committing to responsible action, hard work, and family duties, may know “self” as child being gifted with things that are too great for me to accomplish.  I may rest.  It is in these still quite moments that the greatest gifts spring forth.
Santa Clara United Methodist Church was a present to me from God.  I asked to be lead to a church family.  I rested, watched, and listened waiting for the present that I knew would come quickly.  It was exciting to be lead to the SCUMC YouTube sermons by our Pastor Heang.  It was exciting to arrive early in the parking lot and to ask God, “Is this the place that you have prepared for me?”  It was comforting to know I was about to open a wonderful present.  I opened my eyes to see that outside my car windshield there was this delightful little hummingbird just a few inches from the window.  It was looking at me, dancing and playing before me.  God’s message was intense!  The little hummingbird remained for five minutes or more until it dawned on me that this was the time for me to stop my labors and find rest in the Lord’s arms.  Then the beautiful bow of the hummingbird atop my present took off toward the entry of the church.  Yes, it was time to enter a new level of relationship with God and the faith community he gave as an extension of his family to me.
I followed that little hummingbird to open doors, inviting friendship, and love of community.  I am not alone in a new place.  God is always leading my way.  SCUMC is God’s hand of love, hope, peace and joy that together we may multiply His gifts to those that are SEEKING a human touch and embracing care.

All the best,
Cynthia Rovnaghi