Goals for new year

Here we are in February of 2017. Time is flying fast.
At the end of last year, we set some goals for our church. We want to see more people in Sunday worship service and on the membership list. We want to have a good youth ministry. We want to have a program for seniors. We want to improve on our Family Storytime. We also want to be responsive to our community’s needs. In our church council meeting, people said those were great goals. Now it is time to make it happen.

God, creator of the universe, the One who is still creating, still uses human beings to do God’s will, people like Moses, Jonah and Jeremiah.
Once the call is issued, an answer is required from the person called. Jeremiah’s first response is “I don’t know how to speak because I’m only a child”. When Moses received his call, he asked the Lord to send someone else after his excuse that he didn’t speak eloquently failed. Jonah tried to run away. To each one called, a promise is given, God will not abandon us. God told Moses, “I’ll be with you”. Jonah’s pleas were heard because God was with him. Jeremiah heard, “Don’t be afraid of them, because I’m with you to rescue you”. God gave each messenger help and encouragement to give God’s message to God’s people.
God issues a call, and we are to go forth in faith. Just as Abram was called to leave his country and go to an unknown land (Gen 12:1), we may not be sure of our next step. God promises to be with us; what lies ahead may include danger, rejection, and hostility.
God’s call to Moses, Jeremiah, and Jonah is specific: “I will tell you what to say”; “I have put my words in your mouth”. Jeremiah’s calling is to bear divine word to Judah and beyond. That is his task, to be God’s voice to a backsliding world.
Look at yourself. You are not too young or too old. The excuse that you are not a good public speaker was not valid for Moses or Jeremiah, and it isn’t going to work for you either. If you are not good with words, then proclaim God’s word with action. In a song called “Do something”, there is a verse that reads,

“If not us, then who? If not me and you. Right now. It’s time for us to do something.”

Jonah tried to run away. It didn’t work for him, and it won’t work for us now because there is too much hopelessness and need in the world. We are surrounded by people who need to hear what God expects from God’s people.
Our towns and cities need role models for living a Christian lifestyle, they need to see that following Christ is not dull or restrictive, but challenging and joyful.
God does not change; God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God still calls ordinary people like Moses and Jeremiah to extraordinary jobs with supernatural results. Even these great prophets were a little reluctant at the beginning of their call, but with God’s presence and guidance, they succeeded. God is calling. Are you ready?
Let us turn to God in prayer:
Dear Lord, you have a plan and purpose for each day of 2017. I ask for your guidance and your direction. I ask for motivational zeal to accomplish your goals. I ask for compassion to help me move through my days with an ever increasing love for others. In love and devotion, I pray, Amen.

Pastor Vathanak Heang