Our family recently discovered this church after moving to the area. During our first visit, the pastor and congregants warmly welcomed us. And that welcoming continues with each of our subsequent visits. The service includes a combination of contemporary/traditional worship music. I appreciate that this church is very involved with the community. The pastor’s sermons are based on traditional scriptures, yet he thoughtfully relates the lessons to contemporary life. My spirit is revitalized after each Sunday service and I plan to continue attending this church.

After church, I approached a young woman who was crying during worship service. I asked, “Why were you crying?” She replied, “I felt the Holy Spirit.” God is moving in this wonderful church.

I have been to this church during the Summer of 2014. A small friendly congregation where each person knows every other person by name. The Young Adult Group is really really energetic and enthusiastic !!

I have been coming to his church for 12 years now. If you are looking for a small friendly place to learn about God, check out Santa Clara UMC.

I attend this church regularly. It’s a small congregation, very friendly, and a good mix of people – young and old – from many cultures. The pastor is a Cambodian man, 33, Vathanak Heang, who is very engaging and energetic. The music is a mix of contemporary praise music from the Praise Band, and traditional hymns. They do bible study on Thursday nights, and there is Sunday School for the children. The Young Adult Group is very active. They do outreach with Teen Challenge and Operation Christmas Child, and provide food to the needy with a Food Pantry and periodic distribution of lunches to the homeless. It’s a great place to worship.

I have been a church member for many years and truly feel that Pastor Heang brings a refreshing and positive energy to Santa Clara UMC. You’ll enjoy the talented praise band at the beginning of the service, setting the spirit of the worship service. A blend of music is provided as songs from the hymnal are also sung. Come and be inspired by by the pastor’s message and enjoy the fellowship of this church family.

My husband and I have attended this church for about 13 yrs. It is not just our church it is our home. We feel like it is our family. Our current pastor is Vathanak Heang. He has a young family and he has brought new energy to our congregation. Though we are a small congregation I feel we are warm and welcoming to all people. God loves us all no matter what and that is what we try to convey. While we try our best to reach out to the world we also strive to reach out to our immediate community. Our food pantry provides family meals and ready to eat meals for our homeless friends. We are growing, slowly but surely. If you are looking for a warm, friendly, accepting place to worship, Santa Clara UMC could be the place for you. Our pastor is also starting a new Cambodian Ministry, if you are interested you can contact the church for info!