To our new Guests!

Inside the sanctuary

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the church website. We want you to feel at ease, look around, explore and ask questions.

Santa Clara United Methodist Church is open to people from all backgrounds and religious traditions. We welcome everyone, regardless of gender, race, class, age, ability, religious affiliation or sexual orientation, as beloved children of God.

There is no dress code in Santa Clara United Methodist Church. Please dress comfortably.

You are welcome to sit wherever you are most comfortable. You will not be sitting in someone’s seat.

During worship service, there will be an offering time. Please do not feel obligated to give.If you want to support our ministry, you are welcome to give. Your donation is tax deductible.

John Wesley once said, “If thy heart be as my heart, give me your hand. Though our beliefs may differ, we are one in our faith journeys and one in the spirit of love as taught by Jesus Christ”

In Santa Clara United Methodist church, people have found life-long friends and built a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope that you will find one, too. If you are searching for a new church home, we encourage you to consider us.